Mentor, A Siemens Business Test Senior Manager - 6962 in Pune, India

Test Senior Manager - 6962


Company: Mentor Graphics

Job Title: Test Senior Engineer - 6962

Job Location: India - Pune

Job Category: R&D/Software Engineering

Job Duties:

The Valor Division provides software to eliminate mistakes, reduce costs, and accelerate and optimize designs prior to actual fabrication and assembly. We now have an opportunity to establish a QA/Test Team in Noida, India and are looking for a highly motivated, responsible and self-starting Senior Manager to manage the QA/Test process as we move forward in the evolution of the Next Generation Process Preparation product family and other Valor Engineering Solutions. The purposes of the role is:

• To ensure that all future releases of the Process Preparation product family are fully tested ensuring high quality product releases.

• Create and ensure compliance of a comprehensive test environment for Valor Engineering Solutions

• Provide a management structure to further expand the Valor Engineering Solutions presence within Noida region


Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Provide a leadership for the QA/Test Team for Valor Engineering Solutions (VES)

• Provide significant input in the release readiness process from the QA perspective

• Be the Quality Advocate for VES by:

  • Holding the team accountable for quality in the regular decisions they make
  • Working with the Solution Architects and Product Owners to shape new functionality and ensure usability meets customer expectations.
  • Leading team in testing activities like code bashes to harden functional areas
  • Providing estimates of testing effort and proposes automated solutions during initial phases of software development. Articulates concerns about testability of new features if necessary

• Drive the development of a comprehensive test environment maximizing efficiency by:

  • Creating automated test coverage for new functionality. This should sufficiently ensure the functionality is working correctly release to release without additional manual testing
  • Understanding Test Farm knowledge - know how to run, review, and update automate tests.
  • Creating responsible tests using the right size designs with manageable replays.
  • Uses specific testing conditions to verify a given scenario, avoiding checks that are too general (Ex: unnecessary log file comparisons).
  • Documenting regression tests so other teams/developers can easily understand what the test is doing
  • Detecting tests created using designs in incorrect state and fixes/removes them. (Ex: tests with completely broken designs where tests pass)
  • Understanding SVN and branching strategies used by Test Farm and our development process
  • Ensuring automated coverage is added for each defect if coverage does not already exist
  • Pushing the team to create new testing methods for functionality that cannot be automated today
  • Using Code Coverage to reduce the number of tests being run.
  • Using Code Coverage as a subjective measure of sufficient automated coverage for a functional area
  • Requesting new instrumentation commands be created as needs arise
  • Proactively implements new testing methods and tools that may improve quality
  • Using bulk/parametric testing techniques to ensure broader coverage of functional areas

Job Qualifications:

Applications are invited from high-caliber individuals with the following profile:

• Degree in Software Engineering or related field

• Significant knowledge and practical experience in software test methodology including automation

• Good knowledge of design and engineering processes in the electronics vertical industries. Including a deep understanding of the competitive environment (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat)

• Proven track record of delivering projects on time

• Possess scripting skill (e.g., perl, java, etc)

• Have the ability to use debugger tools to investigate defects

• Be able to analyze source code for code coverage exercises

• Excellent English communication skills; both verbal and written. Especially being able to communicate effectively with management on software issues and how that may impact service.

• Experience of agile software development processes. Instill the importance of community teamwork across all disciplines.

• In-depth knowledge of quality assurance practices

• Ability to manage effectively in a fast-paced engineering organization

• Have ability to reach decisions under conditions of uncertainty or high risk

• Significant travel anticipated (25-40% initially), must have no travel constraints