Mentor, A Siemens Business Member Technical Staff - 7884 in Hyderabad, India

Member Technical Staff - 7884


Company: Mentor Graphics

Job Title: Member Technical Staff - 7884

Job Location: India - Hyderabad

Job Category: R&D/Software Engineering

Job Duties

Desirable qualifications:

• Experience working in a team using an Agile (eg Scrum) process

• Experience developing multi-tier, commercial off the shelf, 2D graphics and/or CAD software

• Experience in refactoring of code of varying complexity and/or automated test coverage

• Experience developing/maintaining object model and/or public APIs

• Experience significantly improving performance, capacity and/or scalability

• Familiarity with electrical and harness domains

Job Qualifications

Mandatory qualifications:

• Experience: We are looking for engineers with up to 4 years’ experience or potentially talented new graduates

• Education: Bachelor or higher degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or other engineering/technical/scientific domain from Tier1 institutes and colleges.

• Programming: Applicants should have professional and/or academic experience of developing software using a modern programming language (C#, C++, Java or similar)

• Software Design Skills: Experience in routine application of object oriented design and unit testing. Excellent analytical and problem solving abilities, capable of designing suitable solutions using appropriate algorithms and data structures. Well versed with software development best practices, lifecycle and methods.

Soft Skills:

•Good verbal and written English communication skills suitable for working in global teams.

•A commitment to quality, eagerness to learn, self- motivated and takes initiative.

•A good team player that works hard to see group success.